Love Story + Concept Videos

Welcome to Prince Weddings Love Story and Concept Gallery.

What is a Love story? A love story is a retelling of how you and your fiance met. We accomplish they by recording you and your fiance tell your story. Now if your shy and don’t want to be on camera, we edit the video as such to avoid any face time with you and the Camera. However, as you can tell, even if we see you talking about how you meet or how your fell in love, the camera time is very minimal. We accomplish this by showing you and your fiance interacting with one of your favorite things to do as a couple. Think of it as a moving Photography Engagement Session with words, music, and your love. What is Concept Video? Did you have idea that you wanted to mimic from a movie or television show? Lets us know what that idea is and we’ll create concept? This is can be fun, goofy, and or just memorable.